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Is it possible to get a better return in your portfolio with less systemic risk?

“That is precisely what HK Wealth Management, Inc. strives to deliver. Our advisors, partners and affiliates specialize in all areas of money management, wealth building and generational preservation.”

Our Motto: “Invest for growth, but more importantly mitigate losses, if we do that then returns will take care of themselves.”



Investment Account Custodianship

One of many ways we reduce client risk is by never taking custody of your money. We primarily utilize the Charles Schwab Institutional Platform for the custodianship of your accounts, which means all client accounts are established and held directly at Charles Schwab. We do not hold any client accounts internally at HK Wealth Management.

Independent Third Party Management

We are a Third Party Discretionary Asset Manager. Not only do we manage our own clients investments for them but also for other Financial Firms and their Financial Advisors/Planners who utilize our Portfolio Model Funds for their own clients investment needs as well.

Actively Managed Individual Accounts

The necessity to have some kind of active management in portfolios became so obvious, that HK Wealth Management, Inc., was established to help find the right kind of management for investors who have suffered the catastrophic effects of a “buy and hold” mentality in a market that does not care at all whether their accounts go up, down or sideways. This is accomplished through a different approach to investing, the Individually Managed Account, or IMA.  An individually managed account is tactically or strategically administered by an investment manager who has the responsibility to allocate the funds accordingly for the purposes of minimizing risk and maximizing return. Capital preservation is so important in down markets, maybe even more so than making money in up markets.  In an individually managed account, the investment manager is not mandated to keep money in harm’s way when it makes sense to move it to a position of safety.  This is key!  While this is not a new concept, it has rarely been available to most investors because of the minimum dollar amount generally required to engage anyone to actively manage their money.

A few investors have always known about and sought out Managed Accounts. Simply put, they want to have their money in the market when it’s going up and either in a better place or out of the market when it’s going down. Preservation of capital in down markets is just as essential as capital gains are in an up market. Sometimes the best money you will ever make is the money you do not lose! There is no “one size fits all” for managed accounts. There are multiple methods and strategies to money management. The key is to find the right fit for the investor so they, feel comfortable, knowing that someone is watching their accounts and making the appropriate moves to achieve gains and minimize risk in a tactical and active sense, not in a “buy and hold” passive sense. There is no legal mandate that forces an account manager to keep your money in harm’s way if it is prudent to move it to a better position, or even remove it from the market altogether. It makes intuitive sense to have your portfolio treated with the attention it deserves.

The potential value of loss mitigation graphic
The potential value of loss mitigation. (Hat Tip to Lance Roberts at RIA –