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Al Knobloch Headshot

Al Knobloch

Chief Executive Officer

Los Angeles California

Al was born and raised in Great Bend, Kansas.  He attended the University of Kansas where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology with a minor in Mathematics and Statistics.  He grew up learning the value of not only working hard, but working smart.  His father taught him the value of compounding interest, and the value of investing for a rainy day.  At an early age, he developed twin passions for money and music.

With both passions in tow, he moved to Los Angeles in 1989 where he spent 16 years in the music industry, with 11 of those in corporate marketing at Sony Music Distribution.  Realizing a mid-life transition would be in the offing, he spent nights and weekends in a cocoon of self-education, learning the stock and options market, as well as the real estate market where he spent several years as an owner/developer.  Changing career direction, in 2006 he enlisted in the Broker/Dealer world, joining firms such as Investment Advisors International, Inter-Securities and Transamerica.  His exposure to the Registered Investment Advisory world propelled him in 2009 to exit the Broker/Dealer world to form HK Wealth Management, Inc. in 2009, where he could formally apply the  insurance, securities and real estate expertise he had attained all under one banner. 

Al’s extensive experience has enabled his clients to enjoy the values and benefits of an actively managed portfolio, which they would otherwise not have access to.  He believes there are too many investors that are underserved by the financial industry when it comes to having their money professionally attended to.  His mission is to get everyone possible into individually managed accounts, where they stand a better chance to achieve their financial goals.  He has strived to bring the level of products and services that the High Net Worth echelon of the investing public are accustomed to, down to the level of the Pre-High Net Worth segment of the investing public [investors with less than a million dollars].

Additionally, Al advises clients on the features and benefits contained in the insurance and tax codes, bringing to bear all the advantages of bespoke solutions to private transactions.  His expertise in risk management and tax/cost efficiency strategies provides a high value add to clients.  With a global focus, he is now expanding his practice to include investors and business owners in the EU.

***Al holds the following licenses:

FINRA Series 65, FINRA Series 26, CA Life & Health, CA Real Estate.

Cory Reader Headshot

Cory Reader

Chief Investment Officer

Southern California

Cory was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. At the age of 5 he started playing Soccer as his first sport. Over the years as he grew up his sporting interests changed numerous times along with a 3 year delve into studying Tae Kwon Do. His parents where always supportive and encouraging no matter where his passions took him. At the age of 13 he discovered Basketball and “The rest” as they say, “is history”.  As he got older and his skills improved (being 7’0” didn’t hurt either), he went from School to City to State Representative teams, which all lead to a 2 year scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport and a spot on the u/20 Junior National Team. In 1992 he played his first year professionally with the Sydney Kings in the NBL (National Basketball League) in Australia. Under the guidance of two American players on that team, they encouraged him to come play for a university in the US and take his shot at the NBA.

He arrived in the US in February of 1993, where he played for BYU and Metro State while studying Finance in College. In 1996, his first team professionally was the LA Clippers (Pre-Season) and 2 years later training camp with the Portland Trailblazers. Basketball took him all around the world, playing on 5 different continents (excluding Africa & Antarctica). The life lessons that he experienced in all of these different countries and cultures were without comparison. The real lessons however came from striving to be the best that he could be: Work Ethic, Drive, Determination, Goal Setting and Self Confidence.  These qualities drive him to be better today than he was the day before.  He lives by the creed “If I don’t do it for myself, no one else will do it for me.”

He retired from Basketball in December 2004 at the ripe old age of 32 and decided it was time to get a “real job”.  In March of 2005 he came to work in the Investment Management Industry at Smith Barney (which became Morgan Stanley in 2009), joining the team of an industry friend with over 20 years of experience as a Fund Manager. Prior to Cory joining, this Manager had conducted a back study over the history of the markets to come up with his original proprietary strategy for investing client accounts. After the 2008 market collapse, Cory helped improve upon that original strategy by implementing some downside loss mitigation triggers to make sure that their clients would never have to go through anything like that again. From day one he was learning from the best in the Industry and had very quickly built himself up to Junior Partner status on the team.

It eventually came time for Cory to step out and start running his own fund models and building his own business. On June 30, 2017 he tendered his resignation to Morgan Stanley and left the Broker/Dealer world for good, partnering with his friend and colleague, Al Knobloch and HK Wealth Management, Inc. The work ethic, drive and determination that was ingrained in him during his sporting years serves him extremely well today. He is tirelessly reading, researching and analyzing information as he believes that no matter how good you are today, you can always be better tomorrow (insert any Michael Jordan quote here as the epitome of this mind set). In that vein, while the origins of the investment strategy he runs date back to his friend who he started in the industry with, the real benefits have been added since early 2009 as he has continued to improve upon the investment strategy to this day.  His clients performance bear testament to the dedication and development of the investment strategy that he runs at HK Wealth Management, Inc.

Our Motto: “Invest for growth, but more importantly mitigate losses, if we do that then returns will take care of themselves.”

Bullet Points:

  • Contrarian by nature, meaning that he questions everything and looks at all sides of a situation, not just what is being told to him.
  • Never followed the recommendations of his former Broker/Dealer Firm, Wall Street or the “Talking Heads” on TV. He does all of his own research.
  • A risk manager at heart, he believes that the best way to service a client is to protect and preserve their wealth.
  • Runs his own proprietary strategies in 11 different Portfolio Model Funds.
  • Always remembers where he comes from and that he is not a genius in his own right.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

Our doors are always open and we welcome YOU to come and join OUR Team…

***Cory holds the following licenses:

FINRA Series 66, CA Life & Health.