Meet Our Partners

Al Knobloch Headshot

Al Knobloch

Chief Executive Officer

Los Angeles California

Al is a native of Kansas.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Kansas.

13 years in the financial industry.

He is the founder and CEO of HK Wealth Management, Inc.

Mr. Knobloch holds the following licenses:
FINRA Series 65, FINRA Series 26, CA Life & Health, CA Real Estate.

Cory Reader Headshot

Cory Reader

Chief Investment Officer

Hawthorne California

I am originally from Australia and I am easy to spot in a crowd being 7’0″ Tall.

College Basketball brought me to the US.

9 year career in Professional Basketball.

14 years as a Discretionary Investment Manager.

I am a contrarian by nature, meaning that I question everything and look at all sides of a situation, not just what is being told to me.

I have never followed the recommendations of my former B/D Firm, Wall Street or the “Talking Heads’ on TV. I do all my own research.

I am a Risk Manager at heart and I believe that the best way to service a client is to protect and preserve their Wealth.

I run my own Proprietary Strategy on the 5 different Portfolio Funds that we already offer and I am currently developing a REIT Portfolio Fund to bring our total offerings to 6.