Seeking Alpha – You Know Things Are Falling When…

That time when all sorts of Financial News Outlets are writing stories about things that you have already been discussing for a long time…. I like it when someone else backs up what I have been telling people. Please click on the link to read:… Continue reading

Q1 2019 Market Update

Sunday 4/28/19 Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, As I mentioned in my “Year End Market Update” which went out at the end of January: “At the end of the day, as I have said many times before, it all comes down to Central Banker actions… Continue reading

Q4 2018 Year End Market Update

Monday 1/28/19 Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, The last couple of months of 2018 were especially painful for many investors on Wall Street as the “Liquidity Drain” continued. As a reminder, the Federal Reserve Bank has an ongoing “Renormalization” of its Balance Sheet, which is… Continue reading

Q3 2018 Market Update

Sunday 10/28/2018 Dear Clients, Friends & Colleagues, As you have already seen, “Shocktober” has been the month that US Equities Markets finally started catching down to the rest of the world and to the reality of higher rates and tighter financial conditions from the US… Continue reading

Q2 2018 Market Update

Thursday 8/2/2018 Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, Below please find the Aggregate Performance Numbers for the 3 Models that we offer as of the end of Q2 on 6/30/18: Conservative “Total Return Income” Model since 8/1/17, +0.49%: (Broad US Markets VLGI in Gray, +5.56%) Moderate… Continue reading