Self Directed 401(k)s

Does your 401(k) or 403(b) have a “self-directed” option?

If in doubt, ask your HR Director or call your custodian and they will tell you.

If it is Charles Schwab, it is called the Personal Choice Retirement Account, and if it’s Fidelity, it is called the Brokerlink Program.

All of these allow the individual investor to decide how their money gets invested.

If your plan sponsor allows you to elect to self-direct the funds inside your retirement plan, this may be a great time to get them into a managed account, or any other alternative investment.

How can HK Wealth Management help you?

We will sit down with you and explore the alternatives to the traditional mutual fund based options in most retirement account platforms. Maybe it’s just an actively managed account at a 3 rd party RIA. Maybe it’s in real estate. Maybe it’s in alternative asset classes. Either way, call us today at 310-625-7747 and set an appointment to help you choose the best investments for your self-directed retirement account.