Long Term Care

When it comes to a Long Term Care need, people face 3 sets of consequences

  1. Emotional
  2. Physical
  3. Financial

Not only are these burdens on you, but also on your families and care givers.

The National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that over 90% of Americans self-insure due to:

  • Lack of guarantees
  • High cost
  • “Use it or lose it” as it relates to the premiums spent

We NOW have an answer that allows you to feel comfortable, doing what you have been doing all along: Self-Insuring. But now you can leverage your self-insured reserves by repositioning them and gaining the advantages of having a plan in place to protect against the emotional, physical and financial impact and consequences.

Consider the following:

  1. You may reposition your self-insured reserve monies including money in your retirement plans.
  2. Attain guaranteed lifetime benefits and 5% inflation.
  3. Have a good chance of qualifying even if you may have a medical condition.
  4. Long Term Care can be provided to someone already on Long Term Care.
  5. Available to individuals over age 80.
  6. 1035 tax free exchange from existing life policies or annuities.
  7. 100% refund on repositioned money from day one.
  8. Gross crediting rate on the premium repositioned of 4% guaranteed.
  9. 100% tax free for all benefits received.

Should you reach the point of needing long-term care and you are without a plan, the financial cost and care giving requirements imposed upon you and your family could be overwhelming.

By now we have all seen the studies showing the mental, physical and financial effects care giving family member[s] experience while looking after an elderly parent. Many caregivers find themselves stretched to the point where they experience depression, exhaustion and eventually begin to ignore their own health needs. Some may have to stop working in order to accommodate that parent’s care schedule.

Traditional long-term care policy premiums are not guaranteed, increases can be substantial and many carriers are exiting the market.

Asset-based long-term care may be the perfect alternative for you because:

  • You can reposition your self-insured money and continue to earn interest and retain liquidity.
  • Lifetime benefits with 5% inflation can be added.

Asset-Based Long Term Care Plan Summary:

  1. Guaranteed premium long-term care.
  2. Premiums for certain products are 100% refundable at any time.
  3. Insurance company matches deposit up to three times or more for your long-term care benefit.
  4. If you don’t use it, all of your investment and the insurance company’s money goes to your beneficiaries (product specific).
  5. Insurance company credits interest on your repositioned money.
  6. Two people may be on the same policy thus increasing benefits or reducing costs.

For more information on how repositioning your self-insured money can benefit you and your loved ones, please Call 310-625-7747.