Life Insurance

Custom Solutions for Each Individual

Whereas annuities help guard against living too long, life insurance helps guard against dying too soon. We all know how important life insurance is. Life insurance helps protect our loved ones when the worst or unexpected happens. Certain life insurance policies can also provide living benefits such as tax favored growth.  At HK Wealth Management, Inc., we help make sure you find the life insurance policy that is right for your needs.

Planning begins with identifying your life insurance purpose!

Life insurance plans provide some or all of the following benefits: protection, investments, and tax-efficiency. Different plans have different priorities in mind. We can help determine the right life insurance plan for you.

At HK Wealth Management, Inc., we can help you choose between:

  • Term Life.
  • Whole Life.
  • Universal Life.
  • Variable Life.

We can also help your company protect itself against the loss of key employees through Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) plans. Whatever your life insurance needs may be, we can assist you.

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